The question of what 2019 holds for marketing has been constantly asked. In the world of digital marketing there is only one thing that has only been constant, that thing is constant change. The digital marketing setting that covers PPC, SEO, social media and contenting marketing is witnessing a dramatic swing. For growth in such a market, adaption is the key. 2018 was a good year for digital marketing trends as it dominated major headlines both inside and outside the tech industry, from huge acquisitions made by AT & T, SiriusXM, to GDPR going live and lastly Facebook confronted with the Cambridge analytical scandal.

In this tech driven world with new technologies, such as augmented reality, facial recognition, virtual reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence becoming a norm, there’s no telling what 2019 holds in the world of digital marketing though it can be believed that there is no slowing of moment. It is no secret that start-up tech companies are entering the market and gaining the majority of market shares. Old companies that been in the market for centuries are assumedly going to bankruptcy. It’s only imperative to know the upcoming digital marketing trends.

With the digital market getting very competitive, marketers are on the look-out for ways to charm their changeable consumers with the changing market. It’s no surprise that the capital expenses that will prospectively be consumed by digital marketing have been estimated to reach $118 billion dollars by 2021. Experts are saying that voice search and personalization are already initiating digital marketing decision in preparation of 2019.

What does the future of digital market holds for marketers in the year 2019. Below is a sneak peak of digital marketing trends to look forward to in 2019.  Make use of them to think your marketing strategy.    We all need one.


Hello Siri, what time is house of cards of cards playing tomorrow?

voice searchVoice search is on and has been on the rise for a little while now. It has been estimated that one third of the total 3.5 billion searches performed via Google on a daily basis are voice searches. These voice searches are done with personal assistants devices like Apple’s Siri, Bixby, Google assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. With the capacity of these personal assistant apps to recognize human speech better, their uses can more useful for both searching for information on the web and a host of other functions. It is therefore essential to adapt your SEO strategy for voice search.

There have been predictions that voice search will undoubtedly play a role in our lives. Voice query come in handy at home and even in the work place as it allows users to multi-task. It has made life easier and quicker for a lot of people. Last week I was running late to a meeting with a few clients, and I had to text a colleague of mine the location of the meeting but I was on my way and my concentration was on the road, voice search came to the rescue. With artificial intelligence getting better a massive reduction in the number of mistakes made by voice assistants reduce meaning that voice search is only just getting started.

Klick also estimated that by 2020, that 30% of internet browsing will be without the screen being touched. In addition, an estimated 50% of searches will be done through voice commands. With all this estimation, a lot of users still has no idea of the variety of voice search is capable of doing. It’s expected that all these will be unveiled in smart devices by the year 2019. Even Bing has not be left out as 25% of all its searches are voice.

In due time voice device will be considered and widely accepted as a thing of norm just like video messaging. 62% of marketers are improbable to make use of a voice strategy next year; this is largely due to the fact that they don’t have much information on how to apply it. In delivering content that is value based to customers effectively as part of their digital marketing strategies, a good number of brands have included voice search. An example of a company that uses voice search technology is Domino’s pizza as means of increasing their product sales.

Smart speakers aren’t left out of the picture as Google home and Alexa are on the rise with 39 million Americans making use of smart speakers. From a study, 65% of the users are very optimistic that won’t go back to life without the service of voice controlled assistance.

It has been estimated by Comscore that by 2020 half of all search queries will be voice based. Getting to have an understanding of voice search and applying them to marketing strategy will definitely be with benefits.


There was a time when artificial intelligence was only seen in movies but now it is slowly and gradually taken over the world even in carrying out simpler jobs. This is simply because AI (artificial intelligence) offer what humans possibly can’t. In the world of digital marketing artificial marketing is one of the hottest topics of late. There’s more to come of it as even with the heavy buzz, a lot of people still don’t have much clue on its capabilities and limitations. Businesses adopting the services of artificial intelligence technology in 2019 will have an edge over their competitors by saving costs and accelerating business growth. Artificial intelligence experienced a two-fold increase from 61% of business implementation in the year 2017 as compared to 38% in the year 2016 as reported by Tech republic.

The services performed by artificial intelligence are activities that would take a team of expensive experts a lot of time to conclude but AI performs these activities with speed. If a business needs AI to understand the perception of users and their customers with regards their services or products, Artificial intelligence analyzes search patterns, consumer behaviors, and also utilizes data from social media platforms and even blog posts. Estimation was made by Gartner follows that, 25% of customer service will employ the use of chatbox technology by the year 2020, from over less than 2% in the year 2007.

Chatbox is the most applied form of artificial intelligence which assists brands in improving their level of customer service at a good cost. In taking request and also in giving data connected answers, Chatbox is the fastest and most reliable alternative. The services they offer are always personalized. With an estimated 1.4 billion people using chatbox, 80% of big businesses are either using or they have plan of using chatbox by the year 2020  The beauty of this form of artificial intelligence is that it can be integrated with an application, a website and even a social media platform.

AI is changing the digital marketing environment. In the area of programmatic advertising, artificial intelligence isn’t missing as it assists marketers in having a specific target on their audience and also in helping digital marketers purchase ads efficiently. Programmatic advertising is effecting a serious change in digital advertising that eMarketer estimated that 90% of the digital ads found in the united states of America will by 2020 be programmatic. A good example of programmatic ad buying is real time auctions and bidding. Secondly AI will upgrade personalization to a great level as products and services that would be created by marketers will continuously learn from the feedback of users.


It is predicted by Tubular insights that in the year 2019 80% of the content online will be in the form visual representation. In recent times it has been observed that there’s a decline in readership, as most people opt for visual or audio means of sending and receiving messages or information. In digital marketing videos have a permanent stands as it keeps the users entertained while distributing the required message. With the influx and adoption of Smartphones and laptops and social media applications, videos are regarded as the most efficient way to communicate.   Many social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram are built with easy ways to make and upload videos to reach a larger audience of customers. Watch out on this blog for article on Video Marketing in details.

The new trends are not limited to the ones predicted above, however, as more research are being made and insights provided, more useful trends for business could emerge.  Watch out for more trends in the future.


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