Hey there! Olalekan Akala here(Leks for short). Welcome to my blog! And I am glad that you checked out my About Me page. I am a passionate about technological trend for business.

I am a Telecom Engineer by profession but developed interest in the business side of technology, specifically Digital Marketing. For the past ten to twelve years in telecom industry, I have been involved in the backend creation of product
in terms of enabling the network platform to make intelligent decisions for traffic classification. I have been involved in delivery of various OTT products by top two of the three operators in Nigeria.

However, my interest in digital marketing started about three years ago, when I was asked to lead the creation of the digital media department of the church  where I worshipped. In my capacity, as the lead, I championed the team to create, grow and manage the social media account for the ministry. The success of this volunteer endeavors generated my curiosity in this field and that led to my enrollment in top Digital Academy in UK and India.

Having gone through basic and advance courses in digital marketing, I have thorough understanding of the various concept and able to develop digital strategies for business.  If your business is undergoing transformation from the traditional marketing to digital marketing, I could offer my consultancy service for this. Feel free to contact me here.

Through this blog, I intend to share ideas and knowledge in various aspects of digital marketing. My value proposition is to present complex digital marketing concepts in simplified language for business people to comprehend and apply.