You may never have started blogging or you have started one but didn’t get much traffic or comments and then not motivated to keep at it. Whatever the case is, this post will motivate you to start blogging again.

Blogging is the art of creating a blog (a form of website), managing it and making money from it. Blogging is not a 100m dash in which you run and finish the race in matter of seconds; it is like a marathon or nurturing of a child. It is not a one day task. You have to focus on it day-in day-out in spite on not seeing results immediately. But once it grows to a certain stage, it continues a life of its own and then keeps growing.

To motivate you to start blogging, I have highlighted the top 7 benefits of becoming a blogger. Here you go:

1. You become A Better Writer:

Through writing, you are able to organize and document your ideas better. As you journey through personal and professional life, you learn and experience many things which are not written down anywhere. For most people that keep a journal, preserving those documents from year to year is usually a challenge. Also, such notes are not organized because there is no motivation to do so as you think no one else is going to read it.
Blogging helps solve these two problems of organization and presentation of ideas. When you know someone is going to read it, you will organize and present your ideas in a better way. Even in the process of putting the thoughts together, you understand the concepts better and organize it better in your brain. There are Content Management systems like WordPress that make it easy to organize the posts by categories, date and tags.
Your blog has the potential to generate revenue when it has wider reach. However, you will never know how it can grow unless you started. Focus on providing rich content to your audience and traffic would come, and subsequently revenue.

2. Your Speaking Skills Will Improve:

You will not only become a better writer when you write more, you learn to organize your thoughts better and bring it out in a consistent flow. That improvement reflects in speaking. That’s why most published authors are almost always good speakers. When you become a great author, you become a good speaker. When you become a great speaker, you become a good trainer. When you become a great trainer you become a thought leader in your field. So write!

3. You become Creator of Value:

Like an Artist, blogging is the fastest and easiest way to get your hands dirty in creating something that people will admire and want to share. As human being, we have the inbuilt need to express ourselves and be unique. That expression can only come from being an Artist. Through blogging, you can express your uniqueness and offer something of value to your world. Real business people are focused on value creation. When you write a blog post which has unique ideas, that kind of posts spread like fire (people share it, like it, comment it) and it will give you more sense of satisfaction.
Blogging is the easiest form of creation that you can get started with. That’s why you need to start blogging!

4. Your Brand and Network Expand:

In this digital age, it is normal for people to have footprints in all available platforms. Some people just have phone numbers and emails. Then some have a few social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter. Some have columns in media publications.
Having a blog with good readership exceed all this. When you publish a blog post and people visit your blog to read, share and comment you have the opportunity to expand your network, and ultimately your brand value.
Blogging helps you create discussion with your audience – a form of one-to-many conversation channel. In print media column, you don’t get response but in blogging conversation happens in real-time. And the more you engage with your readers, the more they feel they know you. With blogging, you can win friends and influence people.

5. You Become an Expert, Organically:

When you share your thoughts and ideas and teach people the little you know, they perceive you as an expert and you actually become an expert. You might not be at the top level yet, but you can start with the little you know. The more you teach, the more you learn, and grow in your knowledge. You may not know your subject of interest as much as the gurus in the field, but if you know more than someone who is willing to learn from you, then you’re an expert in his/her eyes. Personally, I started blogging six months ago, and already I have been contacted by two of my readers to assist with setting up something online or fix a problem they encountered.

6. Your Personal Brand Growth Helps Your Company:

Blogging is a personal branding tool but it also helps in marketing your products and services. Your personal brand helps get the audience, then they find out about your companies and their offerings, they may buy them. There is always a strong personal brand behind top companies in the world today – Bill Gate of Microsoft, Steve Job of Apple, Elon Musk of Tesla, etc..

7. Your Blog as Additional Income Stream:

In addition to all the benefits of blogging mentioned above, your blog can be a source of direct and indirect income when it reaches the critical mass of readership. Examples of direct income sources include: selling display advertising (Google adsense), promotion of products through affiliate links, lead generations for others products/services, Youtube/video channel advertising. Indirect income sources could include: Opportunity to land a book deal, opportunity to become a writer for another blog, new job or consultancy offer, getting hired for seminar, training or guest lecture. The opportunities mentioned above are not exhaustive but it definitely gives you an idea of the various benefits of blogging.

I hope this post has given you enough motivation to start blogging.  Feel free to contact me for any support in getting started or watch out for our free webinar on Setting Up a Blog.

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